Glorious nails and toes

Manis and pedis

Enjoy a quiet and peaceful time at our beautiful spa while having your manicure or pedicure done.  When it comes to polishing your appearance manis and pedis form part of the core treatments a beauty spa like ours can offer our customers.

Manicure treatment at luxury spa


Receiving a professional manicure regularly will provide you with a beautiful and polished appearance, but it can also promote good health. Your nails are an indication of your general, overall health, and doctors often check them for signs of any diseases or disorders in your body. 

A regular manicure will keep your nails tidy and hands clean. The importance of manicures is not only about how lovely your hands and nails will look but also the purpose associated with it. Nails are manicured to prevent them from chipping and cracking. Cuticles are cared for with creams and oils to keep them soft and healthy. Unlike other parts of the body like the face, hands age very quickly, regular manicures can assist in keeping your hands beautiful and youthful-looking.

By keeping your nails well-groomed, you can avoid things like snagging them on clothing or tearing a hangnail, which can result in painful breaking, chipping or ripping off a nail.

When having a professional manicure, a massage is most often included in the manicure process. This massage is an excellent way to boost blood circulation in the hands. Not only can this eliminate any numbness or swelling in the fingers, but it can also cut down on the wrinkles your hands may develop through the years. Many men have discovered the benefits of a regular manicure, as the health benefits alone, are compelling.

Hands need special tender loving care daily. Surprisingly, just five minutes of hand care each day can make a difference in how your hands look and feel. Take a look at our online shop for perfect hand moisturizers and nail care products.

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Pedicure for tired and neglected feet


When people think about a pedicure, they envision some profoundly satisfying moments of pure relaxation. It is essential to take time out to do this.

Every lady likes to look and feel good. Our different pedicure options make it possible for everyone to have the pedicure they desire from basic pedicures to luxury pedicures where you have options to add gel applications or paraffin wax treatments. Our pedicure options are available for little princesses to working ladies and even grannies that enjoy the spoils of having their feet pampered.

Pedicures are also a great way in which our male clients can relax while we take care of their feet. Today, pedicures are the cornerstones of the beauty industry, thousands of women and me are enjoying the luxury of getting perfectly groomed feet.

Having a pedicure done helps to not only keep your feet clean and healthy but also to keep our heels and skin moisturized.

One of the best part when having a pedicure is the exfoliation, which shed dead skin cells continuously. The dead skin accumulates on top of the epidermis, making it difficult for the skin to breath, the lack of exfoliation can cause bunions and feet corns, which is undoubtedly painful.

By massaging the feet and legs during a pedicure, your blood circulation improves, which helps not only your feet but also your overall body health.

When clicking through to the the online booking page the most common treatment of this particular kind will be selected for you, please change if needed.