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Our treatments are grouped into eight categories

We offer a variety of massage types for individuals, couples or groups.

A treatment duration is typically available from as short as 20 minutes to as long as 90 minutes.

Our types of massages includes hot stone, Swedish, aroma therapy, pregnancy, reflexology and deep tissue.

Frequent massages will result in better effectiveness of each massage.

Relaxing facial muscles


Select from various facial treatments to suit different skin types and problems for teens to mature skins.

Expect our Glow and Go facial to take around 30 minutes and the more advanced facials up to about an hour.

Plan your facials a few days before big events to ensure your skin looks radiant and healthy.

Frequent facials will result in beautiful glowing skin.

See our online store for professional range of skin products that will enhance and compliment your facial.

Woman relaxing during mud treatment

Signature Body Treatments

Choose from scrubs to mud masks to revitalise your entire body. Ideal for customers that are stressed or just want experience total relaxation.

Where body scrubs will take around 15 minutes, other treatments can be up to an hour.

Frequent treatments will result in better overall skin condition and appearance.

Woman having hair removal procedure on leg applying wax strip


Treading and waxing options for facial and intimate area, suitable male and female customers.

Minor procedures can be as short as a few minutes where as more intimate areas will take longer.

Add an Epilfree program as an optional extra immediately after waxing sessions for permanent natural hair removal.

French manicure

Manicures& Pedicures

Luxury unisex manis and pedis for young and old can be a winner with family and corporate events.

The basic options will take around 45 minutes per treatment.

Add gel applications and paraffin dips as optional extras.

Plan your continuous grooming with our monthly spa membership programs.


Woman in swimwear on beach

SPray Tans

Get a natural looking spray tan all year round suitable for all skin types and those customers that likes a glowing skin tone.

Get ready for the beach or compliment your natural tan with an easy and effective spray tan solution in less than 15 minutes.

Enhance your spray tan with a longer lasting effect by booking a body scrub immediately before this treatment.

Get your self tan lotion from our online store.


Teeth Whitening

Natural teeth whitening done in less than an hour appropriate for customers that wants a brighter whiter smile.

Set around 45 minutes to an hour aside for this type of treatment.

Ideal for customers that prefers a less sensitive and safe teeth whitening procedure.

For longer lasting teeth whitening purchase the teeth whitening maintenance products from our spa or online shop.

Woman Measuring Waist Closeup


Achieve your slimming and toning goal through our EMS Slimming Machine or body wraps.

Set aside anything between 45 minutes and 1 hours for slimming sessions.

Ideal for customers that wants to combine their quiet spa treatments with a more relaxing electronic slimming program.

See our online store for fat burning and other slimming products.