How about a spa treatment on us, or a great discount on a product from our online store?

Smiling Woman Enjoying Massage

At Secrets Health, Beauty and Day Spa, we have created a fun and exciting rewards program for our loyal customers. It does not matter if you are local or if you only visit us on holiday. We want you to have some fun on social media and at the same time earn Spa Rewards Points that you can use with us.


How can you earn Spa Rewards Points? By doing the following, you can earn enough points IN ONE DAY to receive a free spa treatment:

  • Click here to register on our website
  • Find the Easter Egg! We have hidden an “Easter Egg” on our website in the form of a photo, click on various pictures to search for it. When you click on just the right photo, you will earn a once-off massive amount of Spa Rewards Points.
  • At the bottom of each page are social media share buttons, find an exciting product or page and share it, each time you share a page, you will receive some points. You will even earn more points if one of your friends click on that shared link.
  • Invite a friend to register (you are called the sponsor) on our website by sharing your unique link with them. Only when they follow your unique link to register will you earn additional Spa Rewards, remember this as it is crucial.
  • When you purchase a product, you will earn Spa Rewards, and you will also receive Spa Rewards the first time your sponsored friend buys a product.
  • You will receive additional Birthday Spa Rewards shortly before your birthday that is valid for a limited period. So remember to enter your correct birthday when you register.
  • When you return to our website at least once a week, you will also receive some additional Spa Rewards.
  • Check out our Facebook Page for some more ways to earn Spa Rewards.